About the Program

Ciné is fortunate to have a very loyal following of viewers, but we feel we have only scratched the surface of movie viewers in the Athens area. We wanted to develop a program that would introduce the larger Athens community to the really incredible cool films and events that we offer throughout the year.

This program will engage 10 film aficionados from the Athens area who will preview most movies shown at Ciné and provide honest, critical reviews of the film. We have required that each critic agree to a statement of ethics in order to apply for the program, and accept the position. You should not expect to see all positive reviews, or even agreement among the critics that are reviewing the same films.

The idea of this program is to introduce different perspectives and voices to the current and future Cine community. You can read through the biographies and preferences of all of the critics, and will hopefully find several that you identify with. The idea is that their reviews of films we show will assist you in making decisions about which films you want to see! We’d love for you to see the films at Ciné, but mostly we want to expand the public’s exposure to the wonderful craft of film making and introduce educational opportunities for all.

Ciné is a nonprofit independent arthouse theatre that provides films that inspire, educate, and build community. Ciné enriches the quality of life in Athens, offering the opportunity to share in the vitality of a unique community movie-going experience. In 2018 we provided access to over 300 feature films.